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Buy Electric Kettles, Electrical Circuitry & Parts, Humidifiers from Bear, Midea, joyoung & much more at She Love.

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Total Reviews: 178

Reviews (178)

3 stars: ok

Prompt delivery and in nice pa...

Prompt delivery and in nice packaging. Fine product !!

3 stars: ok

Seller is very efficient and d...

Seller is very efficient and delivers really fast. Product is good value for money.

3 stars: ok

Very professional...

Very professional

3 stars: ok

Delivered on time...

Delivered on time

3 stars: ok



1 stars: bad

After doing payment my order w...

After doing payment my order was cancelled. Dont know when I'm going to get back my money.

3 stars: ok

responsive. answered my questi...

responsive. answered my question well.

3 stars: ok

Fast and friendly...

Fast and friendly

2 stars: poor

Seller can't give enough infor...

Seller can't give enough information about the item shipment.

3 stars: ok

Thank you seller!fast delivery...

Thank you seller!fast delivery and good condition.

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