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Buy RAM, Desktop Casings, Internal Solid State Drives from Corsair, Sandisk, Garmin & much more at Convergent Systems.

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Total Reviews: 1000

Reviews (1000)

3 stars: ok

Prompt and efficient...

Prompt and efficient

3 stars: ok

Item arrived in good condition...

Item arrived in good condition.

3 stars: ok

Seller was very responsive and...

Seller was very responsive and helpful. Stock runs out shortly after 11.11 sales started. Reached out to seller and they re-stocked in less than 24 hours.

3 stars: ok

Sent on time...

Sent on time

3 stars: ok

Had some questions and the sel...

Had some questions and the seller replied pretty quickly and was very polite. Thumbs up!

3 stars: ok

No issues...

No issues

3 stars: ok

i received the UPS today & tri...

i received the UPS today & tried. The on/off switch has no function & the UPS itself also. Pls replace a new one to me asap.

3 stars: ok

Thank you for the fast shipmen...

Thank you for the fast shipment :)

3 stars: ok

Delivery was very fast, warran...

Delivery was very fast, warranty avail so it's not bad.

3 stars: ok

Great seller and service cente...

Great seller and service center.

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