About us

Authentic Review Platform

  •   Provide a platform for feedback, reviews and ratings on Sellers, Products and Services

  •   Provide Market Research on Products and Services

Independent Audit Platform

  •   Validate Seller's Identity

  •   Validate Seller's Company & Business

  •   Validate Seller's Products

  •   Validate Seller's Service & Customer Experience

Why do users pick us?


Provide authentic & centralized market research repository with genuine and up-to-date reviews and feedbacks on sellers, products and services


Act as an independent audit platform to validate sellers, products and services


Create and ensure trust on both part of buying and selling ecosystem

  • Buyer:   Create peace of mind and trust

  • Seller:   Increase brand and product trust & differentiate between real and fake sellers
Customer Insight + Brand Trust = Consumer Trust and Loyalty

Our Story

Welcome to Kaijoo! Learn more about our story and what motivates us to strive to eliminate fraud in today's evergrowing E-commerce scene.

We want to make a difference

In M’sia, there is an average of 2500 complaints received monthly - out of which 26.2% involves e-commerce fraud cases as reported in Aug 2019. In Singapore, a total of $41.3 million is reported lost due to e-commerce scam as of Q1 ‘20.

And you know what, you will continue to hear more of e-commerce fraud & scam cases as E-commerce is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the next 3-5 years in SEA.

Recently in Apr ‘20, M’sia reported a total 556 cases of face mask scams causing a total RM4.2mil lost. This happened across all kinds of online platforms including Facebook, Mudah, Shopee, Lazada, Whatsapp, Wechat, Instagram and the list goes on.

Primarily, fake sellers, fake products and fake promises are the key problems why e-commerce scams and fraud happens so rampantly.

So how can Kaijoo prevent or mitigate the e-commerce fraud from growing further?

We recognise that online shopping is unlike shopping at retail stores where you will not be able to touch or see the physical goods or even know who the sellers are. Hence, we want to ensure everyone will be able to do online shopping from trusted sellers only.

Kaijoo is an independent review platform that captures authentic user reviews on sellers, products & services. On top of that, we are also an independent platform that is responsible to do audits on each and every seller to ensure that they are genuine sellers that sell real products and services.

Our Company

Our Vision and Mission

Kaijoo is built from a blend of young, hungry and experienced talent who come from diverse backgrounds of E-commerce, Fraud Detection, Finance and Technology.

As E-commerce is expected to grow as high as USD150b in 2025 for SEA, our Vision is to ensure everyone will be able to do online shopping from trusted sellers only. Our Mission is to strive to be the next unicorn born out of M’sia to take the lead in building E-Commerce Trust in SEA.

Our Team is always there for you

At Kaijoo, we deeply appreciate our partners, customers and will do our best to satisfy all requests and enquiries. Our service team is always there for you if you have any questions, problems or feedback. The best way to reach us is at kaijoo@kaijoo.co

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